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From the blog

One on one with the fans


The band met up with a guy by the name of Connor last week. He was a contest winner of ours to hook up with us and do whatever he’d like. The best part about this contest was the fact that he only really wanted to just hang out and see what was going on. When I heard about this contest, I was a little nervous over the possibility that Connor may want to go bowling and put out my back or further injure Mike’s! What a cool dude though. He got to sit behind my drum kit, which rarely happens as I usually only allow my drum playing friends and family members to do so.

Jeff and Connor               Connor and Jeff

Feeling pretty blessed about this tour… Seeing a lot of old friends and making a lot of new ones! Thank goodness our contest winner wasn’t some freak except for his height, I’m tall but look at the size of that dude! Thanks for being great Connor!

Oh…and this happened.


– Jeff


  1. Connor Payne - October 18, 2013 10:47 pm

    Such a Great experience!! Thanks again for being Great Guys and making Awesome music!! Lol…I am kind of a Freak….just good at hiding it!

  2. Frank Presello - October 19, 2013 3:31 am

    Great stuff, Jeff – if it was me, I’d probably have done the same… except maybe I would like to jam with you guys on a song together… 😉


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